Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Alaro City?

Alaro City is an integrated new city located in the North West Quadrant of the Lekki Free Zone, Lagos, Nigeria. Alaro City is situated on the Lekki-Epe expressway for ease of transportation to Lagos or towards the rest of Nigeria and in close proximity to the largest Deep-Sea Port in West Africa which is currently under construction.

How big is Alaro City?

Alaro City has been conceived as a 2,000-hectare city. Planning has been developed in a modular format with the first 1,000 hectares master-planned by world-renowned planners Skidmore, Ownings, Merril in partnership with local consultants. To put the size into perspective, Victoria Island in Lagos is approximately 800 hectares.

How many residents will Alaro City have on completion?

Alaro City is planned for 30,000 residents within low, medium and high-density housing in the first 1,000 hectares of the City.

What does the description “low, medium and high density” mean for residential plots?

Residential developments shall be permitted generally within the zone designated for residential use in the approved layout.

  1. Permitted developments within High Density Residential areas include Block of Apartments, Terrace Buildings etc.
  2. Permitted developments within Medium Density Residential areas include Town Houses, Semi-Detached etc.
  3. Permitted developments within Low Density Residential areas are Detached houses.

Do buyers get a building guideline before they commence construction?

Yes, all buyers will get a document called development guideline alongside the Agreement to Sublease.

Do buyers have to build a certain design/house type or they are at liberty to build whatever they want?

Buyers can build their own designs as long as it in line with the development guideline.

What type of document will be provided upon purchase of a property with Alaro City?

Upon receipt of 30% initial deposit:

  • A receipt of payment
  • A survey plan
  • Site plan and Property plan

Are the prices inclusive of legal documentation and survey fees?

No. Cost of land is exclusive of legal fee. Legal Fee is an Additional cost of 5%

Are buyers compelled to build after a certain time upon completion of payment?

Further to the Agreement to Sublease, all buyers are subject to ensuring the Property is completed 24 months from receipt of full payment. Provided that the Lessor may extend the period at its discretion.

What utilities will be in Alaro City?

Alaro City will be underpinned by Rendeavour’s standards in utility and infrastructure provision. These include;

  • A scalable 2.5MVA power generation via IPP (Phase 1a)
  • Modular water and sewerage services of 250 m3/day (Phase 1a)
  • Provision for future retail gas distribution
  • Provision of dark fibre infrastructure

Can a buyer, upon completion of payment transfer the title/ownership to someone else? If yes, what is the process?

Yes. A Lessee can transfer his/her lease to a third party as long as:

  • Subject to prior written consent
  • Payment of outstanding service charge
  • Ensuring that such third party agree to comply with the terms and conditions of sub-lease

What is the cost of service charge and what does it entail?

Services include provision of power, water, waste collection, security of the wider development, cleaning of the common areas, sewage treatment. Cost of each service will be defined as soon as we deploy services.