Elevate Your Lifestyle: Get a 5 Million Naira Voucher for use at Vento Furniture

Looking to invest in your dream home? Look no further! Alaro City is proud to present an exclusive promotion that makes luxury living even more attainable. Buy any residential plot at Alaro City and receive a 5 million naira voucher for furniture purchases at Vento Furniture.

How does it work?

💰 Voucher redemption: with your 5-million-naira voucher, you can immediately buy any furniture you desire from Vento Furniture’s exquisite collection or use it later for your new home at Alaro City. The voucher is redeemable any time before 2 May 2025.

🎁 There are just 3 steps to receiving your 5 mln naira voucher at Vento Furniture:

• Purchase a residential land plot in Alaro City.
• Make a 20% deposit for the plot or pay outright by 20 June 2024.
• Confirm your term sheet for the purchase and get your 5 mln naira Vento Furniture voucher!

🗓 The promo is valid for all residential plot purchases before 20 June 2024.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your lifestyle with a stunning residential plot in Alaro City while furnishing your home with the finest pieces from Vento Furniture.

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